Inter Miami winger Robert Taylor said that when Lionel Messi and Sergio Busquets first entered the team’s dressing room, he was taken aback.


‘Everyone was a little starstruck,’ Taylor said of being around Messi and Busquets when they first joined the team in June, according to the Miami Herald.

‘Of course, the first time I met Messi in the locker room, I was like, ‘Whoa, like, this is wild,’ but he and Busquets were never intimidating to me because they are such great men, constantly smiling.’

‘If anything, it just makes me so happy to come to training every morning knowing that I can practice with these individuals and be around them, and they can make me a better player,’ says the player.



‘The majority of the players would agree that it’s simply exciting. Everyone aspires to play with the world’s finest players. And we are fortunate to be able to do so.’

Taylor has thrived in the little time he has been on the field alongside Messi and Busquets.

Taylor matched Messi on the stat sheet in Miami’s 4-0 League Cup triumph over Atlanta United, with two goals and an assist, demonstrating that he is immediately taking advantage of the opportunity to play with two of the world’s top players.

Following his outstanding performance against Atlanta, Taylor was quick to heap accolades on Messi as well.

‘I think everyone sees what he does,’ Taylor remarked. ‘On the ball, he can do everything. He can keep it together in tough situations and always takes the right decision. I just want to come in behind him and make a run for him every time he has the ball.’

‘Most of the time, he’ll find one of our colleagues making a run for sure. He adds a lot of value to the team.’

‘Because he is the finest player in the world, this is what he does. He scored two goals, he scored the previous game, he gets another assist, it’s a dream come true to play alongside him.’

Lionel Messi sends customized gifts to Inter Miami teammates after Atlanta United win


Lionel Messi’s arrival in Inter Miami has not only helped the team in returning to winning ways but it has also brought a breath of fresh air to the dressing room. The World Cup-winning Argentine superstar has won the hearts of his Inter Miami teammates by gifting each of them a unique present. Messi reportedly presented his teammates with customized pink and black Beats headphones with the club’s badge inscribed on them.

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