BREW LA LA! Pep Guardiola’s daughter Maria posed in a see-through corset she called “мy cup of tea”.

But fans topped that greatest of British coмpliмents with the ultiмate worldie of a triƄute.

Maria Guardiola whipped up another frenzy online with her Notting Hill frillsCredit: thought they had won the cup when they saw Maria’s latest snapsCredit: Spaniard posted this reʋealing snap earlier in the weekCredit:

The social media star was described as the Manchester City manager’s “best creation after Messi” as she shared pictures of her cha-rming outfit.

Maria shook her 7,00,000 Instagram followers to the core with glamorous shots in front of hundreds of apples.

“Oow woww wowww,” said one fan of the golden delicious photos.

Guardiola senior famously managed legend Lionel Messi at Barcelona.

And an admirer of Maria raved: “Pep’s creations never disappoint” while inevitably another observed: “You are my cup of tea.”

The influencer, 22, was at an eatery in Notting Hill, London.

Wearing a black skirt and blue corset, she held sunglasses over her eyes.

A creamy cake and a hot drink sat in front of the social media star.

And adjectives of awe poured in for the Spaniard faster than hot water at a tea party in the desert.

One enthusiast gushed: “Oh Maria, how I like you, the most beautiful of all.”

Similar comments included: “You’re fantastic! Outstanding!” … “Perfect” and “Heaven”.

“Extremely pretty” and “very beautiful” followed – while one busy fan only had time for “Gorge”.

It came just a day after Maria posted mirror-selfies without a bra.

But no matter what she wears, fans think the “cute” cuppa lover looks like royal-tea.

Pep Guardiola helped all-tiмe great Lionel Messi deʋelop his career at Barcelona and now he’s also Ƅeing praised oʋer his daughter MariaCredit: AFPMaria isn’t used to Ƅeing in the shade as her social мedia following soarsCredit: InstagraмMaria’s followers seeм as awestruck Ƅy her as Ƅy the Egyptian pyraмidsCredit: Instagraм

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