After acquiring an autograph from FC Miami’s Lionel Messi, a worker at DRV PNK Stadium (Drive Pink Stadium) reportedly had their employment terminated immediately.

The most well-known athlete on the planet is Leo. The best soccer player to ever lace up a pair of boots is undoubtedly him. Although it’s difficult to criticize this man for wanting Lionel Messi’s autograph, the circumstances seem questionable.

The Argentine daily La Nacion claims that Cristian Salamanca worked for a company that had a contract to clean the stadium. His dismissal was justified on the grounds that he should have been working rather than signing autographs.

According to the report, he was employed close to where teams and players arrived at the stadium. He was wearing an Argentinian National Team shirt underneath his cleaner’s uniform, which is suspicious given that the man is apparently Colombian and those two teams have a long-standing rivalry in South America.

Lionel Messi was the last person to get off the Inter Miami bus once it arrived, Salamanca reported to La Nacion. As soon as he spotted Messi, he raised his uniform to reveal his Argentina shirt beneath and handed Messi a marker.

“He gave me his autograph,” he said. Security arrived straight away, removed me from the situation, and fired me from my position. Nevertheless, the time was well spent.

According to the article, it is explicitly forbidden for anyone working at the stadium, including Inter Miami employees and outside contractors, to request an autograph from Lionel Messi.

The exact value of Lionel Messi’s autograph in this case is unknown. You may find his autographed jerseys for sale online for thousands of dollars.

However, those are real autographs, and the jerseys are frequently valuable. In this case, it appears that the man values the experience of meeting Lionel Messi more than getting Messi’s autograph and more than losing his job.

Orlando City was easily defeated by Inter Miami and Lionel Messi in the game, winning 3-1. Conspiracy theories about why Leo keeps performing Marvel-themed celebrations after scoring have been sparked by Messi’s (again) goal.

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