Last Sunday, angel Di Maria led argentina to the World Cup victory, and the former Manchester united winger has a new tattoo to mark the occasion.

angel Di Maria has displayed a brand-new tattoo honoring argentina’s victory in the World Cup championship. Last Sunday, the winger began for La albiceleste against France and dominated for his nation. after winning the penalty that Lionel Messi successfully converted to give them the lead, the former Manchester united player scored once to round off a fantastic team effort.

he was replaced in the second half, and France then staged an incredible comeback to force a sudden-death shootout. Then, to assist his nation in winning the World Cup, argentina’s goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez took the field.

Since 1986, the South americans have not won football’s most prestigious prize. and Di Maria recently got a massive new tattoo to honor his nation’s illustrious accomplishment.

The tattoo, which covers his right thigh, was unveiled by him on Instagram. The World Cup trophy is depicted in the tattoo, and the three stars above it stand for their three tournament victories.

a peek of the Lusail Stadium, the site of the final last week, can be seen behind the trophy. Last but not least, there is the ‘Sun of May,’ a well-known design featured on argentina’s flag. Ezequiel Viapiano, a tattoo artist, created the tattoo, and Di Maria posted the first image of it on Instagram on Saturday. Di Maria expressed his satisfaction with the finished tattoo and thanked Viapiano for making it.

“On the skin for ever and ever. I appreciate you, pal. You stated that the other leg was being saved for this opportunity when we made Copa america. It was composed. COME ON, aRaBIa! “In the caption, he wrote.

Fellow World Cup champion Nicolas Otamendi complimented Di Maria’s new tattoo, calling it “Such a beautiful lunacy”. Gary Neville, a former united captain, lauded Di Maria for his all-around performance and gave argentina manager Lionel Scaloni credit for starting him.

“Congratulations to the manager on his wise choice in selecting Di Maria for the French team. They were unable to handle it while Mac allister was in that pocket, therefore Messi moved to the right side “he геυеalеɗ  the penalty Di Maria won to ITV.

“Dembele, despite being a wide player, made the initial challenge, and you can predict what Di Maria will do since he has been doing it for ten years, which brings me to the penalty. It is humiliating.

“I believe it to be a light punishment, but I also believe that being on the wrong side is stupιd , and you should be caught out for it. Dembele is discovered even though he is searching for it and is well-aware of what he is doing.

“They are being completely destroyed by what De Paul is doing on this side to Mbappe defending Molina, Mac allister, and Di Maria on the other side. up forward, Messi and alvarez are tearing them apart.”

Another 13 amazing tattoos of angel Di Maria

1. ’22 and Clock’ Tattoo

Tattoo: The number, “XXII” is tattooed on his left shoulder along with a large tattoo of a clock.

Meaning: The number is 22 which is the jersey number he used to wear for Real Madrid and the clock along with the number represents his time with the Spanish giants which is one of his career’s best stints.

2. ‘7’ Tattoo

Tattoo: The upper left arm, just above angel’s elbow contains the number 7 tattooed on it. There is also a halo ring over the 7 and wings behind the number.

Meaning: The 7 represents the jersey number which he adorned when he played for Manchester united. he got this tattoo to celebrate his signing and his loyalty to the club.

3. ‘Rose’ Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a large tattoo of a rose flower on the inner side of his left arm, right where his elbow folds.

4. ‘Characters’ Tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of his left forearm contains three Japanese characters tattooed on it.

5. ‘Stars and Cross’ Tattoo

Tattoo: The entire upper side of his left forearm is covered in various tattoos of stars and a large tattoo of a cross.

Meaning: The cross on his forearm is a Celtic/Irish cross that represents both Christian faith and background of Celtic or Irish identity.

6. ‘Quote’ Tattoo

Tattoo: The outer side of his left forearm contains a large scroll tattooed on it with waves below it. There is a rose tattooed on either side of the scroll and a quote inside it that reads, “NaCER EN La PERDRIEL FuE Y SERa LO NEJOR QuE ME PaSO EN La VIDa”

Meaning: The quote is in Spanish and translates to, “being born in Perdriel was and will be the best thing that happened to me in life” and represents how much he is thankful for being brought up in Perdriel and for his family that helped him work hard and achieve all that he has today.

7. ‘Scroll’ Tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of his right forearm also contains a tattoo of a scroll with a few words written inside it.

8. ‘Miguel’ Tattoo

Tattoo: The left side of his body contains the name, “MIGuEL” tattooed on it vertically.

Meaning: The tattoo represents the name of his father, Miguel di Maria whom he adores very much. There are a lot of tattoos on his body that show his love for his family members as you’ll read further.

9. Letters Tattoo

Tattoo: The left side of his body, near his waistline, contains a tattoo of the letters, “M, a, P, and J” with a little heart in the middle. There is a line of 5 stars tattooed right next to the letters too.

Meaning: This is another one of his tattoos that shows how much he loves his family. The letters represent his own name, angel, his wife, Jorgelina, and his two daughters, Mia and Pia.

10. Name Tattoos

Tattoo: The left thigh of the footballer contains the name, “PIa” tattooed on it and his right one contains the name, “MIa” tattooed on it.

Meaning: The tattoos represent the names of his daughters, Mia di Maria and Pia di Maria.

11. Sun Tattoo

Tattoo: The left calf of the footballer contains a tattoo of the sun on it.

Meaning: The tattoo of the sun on his body is symbolic of life as well as strength. It also represents light and overcoming darkness in life.

12. heart Tattoo

Tattoo: There is another tattoo of a heart on his left calf that is adorned with intricate designs and contains the name, “Mia” tattooed inside it.

Meaning: angel got this tattoo for his daughter, Mia di Maria when she was born. Then he had another child and named her Pia which led him to get both his daughters’ names tattooed on his thighs later on.

13. Football Tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of his right lower leg is covered in a large tattoo design inspired by football. The letter, “a” is tattooed along with a diamond near his ankle. above the grill on the field is a tattoo of the sun on stripes of blue and white ink. There is also a tree and a building and a large football along with stars on the lower part of the tattoo.

Meaning: The tattoo represents his love for the game as well as for his country. The “a” represents his own name, angel and the sun along with the stripes represents the national flag of the country of argentina.

14. ‘Jesus’ Tattoo

Tattoo: The outer side of his lower left leg contains a tattoo of the face of Jesus Christ tattooed on it. There is a pointy crown on his head with blood dripping on his forehead. Below the tattoo of Christ are the words, “Jesus Confio en ti” tattooed.

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